Tea menu

In the menu, 🍵 indicates teas which can be steeped multiple times. We serve these teas either in a gaiwan or in a small teapot, with a thermos of hot water for your own preparation. Our staff will be happy to advise and help you prepare the tea. On request, we can also prepare multi-infusion tea in a 0.6 l pot.

The prices of all our teas are only recommended. As an experiment, our teahouse operates on the basis of voluntary contributions – please take the proposed prices as as a suggestion. If you are satisfied and can afford it, please donate a little more at your discretion. If, on the other hand, our recommended prices are too high for you and you could not afford to visit the teahouse regularly, or you were dissatisfied, donate a little less.


Tibetan tea – Böcha     208,-                                                                                                                                                                                               

Tibetan tea with butter, milk and salt, a drink without which life in Tibet is hard to imagine. In this variant, we bring the tea to you in a traditional container similar to a butter churn, where the ingredients are mixed by churning — we leave this part of the preparation up to you. Note that the taste of Tibetan tea is very unusual for a European, and most people are less surprised if they expect a soup-like taste. Suitable for 2 or more drinkers.

Masala tea 148,-

Indian spiced milk tea with a captivating aroma and taste that refreshes and warms. It is usually drunk sweetened.

Teas from the Himalayas

In Nepal and Indian Darjeeling, tea grows at altitudes up to 2000 meters, within the sight of the highest mountains of the planet. The best quality teas are harvested here three times a year, in the first harvest (FF) in the spring, the second (SF) in the summer and finally in the autumn (AF).

Slightly oxidized

Darjeeling Giddapahar FF2023 🍵 148,-                                                                                                                                                                        

Calmly green, light Darjeeling with fruity notes of ripe sugar melon will refresh you and remind you of a hot summer by the lake. Natural sweetness and smooth notes of butter and vanilla. In later infusions it turns into a subtle forest-like earthiness. Enjoy the spring harvest from our favorite garden, which cannot be missed here.


Darjeeling Avongrove FF2023 🍵  178,-                                                                                                                                                                           

An extraordinary Avongrove garden experience! The scent of exotic flowers and woods reveals notes of pepper and elderberry when poured, harmoniously combined with sweet cream, meadow flowers, fun depth and variety. A tea with great character that you will especially enjoy as a multi-infusion.


Darjeeling Giddapahar AV2 Clonal Delight SF23 🍵  158,-                                                                                       

Semi-oxidized summer Darjeeling offers the opportunity to enjoy a tea halfway between green and black tea. Very delicate with a touch of woodiness, white grapes with stones and linden.



Darjeeling Giddapahar Delight SF2023       128,-                                                                                                                       

Time-proven quality from Giddapahar offers an autumnal combination of walnuts and their shells with aromatic woods and resin, topped with a bit of meadow floweriness and natural sweetness. Like relaxing in the garden under an old walnut tree. The aroma of flowers and milk chocolate.


Darjeeling Jungpana SF2023                         138,-                                                                                                                            

If you’re in the mood for black tea today, but at the same time something soft and welcoming, we can recommend this summer harvest. A smooth combination of notes of vanilla, milk chocolate and dried pears, creamy smooth, delicately woody. The scent of elderberries and flowering bushes.

Darjeeling Giddapahar Musk SF2023     148,-                                                                                                                                

For fans of intense flavors, we recommend this vigorous summer harvest with a rich, complex taste. A distinctly woody infusion with a natural sweetness, reminiscent of apricots, apricot pits, aromatic resins and walnuts.


Darjeeling Margaret’s Hope AF2022            158,-                                                                                                                                                   

A comfortable autumn harvest of black Darjeeling. Smoothly milky, woody, golden, with a trace of grassiness. Sweet floral, slightly baked aroma.


Darjeeling Mahalderam SF2022   138,-                                                                                                                                                                        

Rich black Darjeeling, which is reminiscent of Chinese red teas with its juicy fruitiness. Taste of red fruit and fragrant woods, honey, aroma of chocolate and cherries.


Lama family teas

Nepalese black tea from the small production of the Lama family, from the village of Jitpur in eastern Nepal.


Lama Golden Tips🍵     188,-                                                                                                                                                                                               

The tea consists only of „tips“, fluffy top leaves, individually collected and carefully processed by hand. They have a golden color, a subtle chocolate aroma, and give a warm, complex infusion where the flavors of honey, pecans, milk chocolate and prunes mingle. Rustic character.


Lama Black                138,-                                                                                                                                                                                 

Simple, rustic, honestly processed black tea from the small production of the Lam family. Pleasant tea for daily sipping, attractive aroma of dried apricots and plums.

East of Tibet


Tie Guan Yin Traditional 🍵🍃 188,-

A rare variety of darker Taiwanese oolong of the Tie Guan Yin type. The tea is more oxidized, medium roasted, the taste is complex. It impresses with fullness, depth, notes of rare woods and fruit. A pleasant tea which can be infused many times.


Alishan Qingxin 2008 🍵🍃 218,-
Aged 15 year old mountain Taiwanese oolong from the Alishan region, Qingxin cultivar, smallholder production. Dark and still, needs several brews to develop. The taste has notes of resin to turpentine, reminiscent of peat whiskey and old Taoist temples.

Lishan Qingxin 2001 🍵  288,- Aged high mountain Taiwanese oolong, very pleasant, round and calm, with a long aftertaste.


Alishan Qingxin Winter Harvest 🍵 168,- 

Mountain Taiwanese oolong from the Alishan tea region, carefully processed into rolled balls, slightly oxidized, slightly roasted. Freshness and ripeness are mixed in the taste. Traces of jasmine, root vegetables, and dry flowers.

Si Ji Chun „Spring Four Times a Year“ 🍵     148,- 

Slightly oxidized oolong from the Si Ji Chun cultivar. Fresh, refreshing, light but not empty. Flowers and pleasant sweetness in the taste and aroma.



Bai Xue Long „White Snow Dragon“🍵 138,-

White tea with an intensely sweet-herbal aroma. The yellowish, sparkling brew smells complexly of fruit and herbs. The taste is distinct, sweet, nobly bitter.

Bai Mu Dan – White peony 🍵 148,- Famous white tea with a scent reminiscent of peony. The color of the infusion is yellowish, the smell is reminiscent of dry flowers. The taste is smooth, with a hint of late summer grass. Long pronounced aftertaste.

Shou Mei– Eyebrows of long age 128,- 

Classical white tea. The infusion is distinctive, bilinic, with a bit of astringency but also fruit.


Meng Ding Shi Hua – Stone flower 🍵 228,- 

Green tea consisting only of top buds and one small leaf. The infusion is light, caresses the palate and fills the entire mouth. A touch of flowers, umami, delicate aftertaste. Strongly encouraging.


Meng Ding Gan Lu – Sweet dew 🍵 🍃 208,- 

Sweet dew from Meng Ding, a tea made from fine tips, with a characteristic delicate sweetness that lingers on the palate.


Meng Ding Si Bei Xiang 🍵 138,-

The name of the tea is derived from the aroma that appears gradually and transforms between the first infusions. Sparkling yellow pickle with a sharp, slightly astringent and strong taste.


Meng Ding Mao Feng 🍵 148,-

Tea made from young tender leaves, which give it a slightly aromatic taste. The infusion is green, sweet, refreshing.


Long Jing Da Fo – Dragon well 🍵 158,- 

Very good grade of famous Chinese green tea, which perfectly combines spring grass tones with the velvety white chocolate. First Spring Dragon Well.

Black (Red) 

Zheng Shan Xiao Zhong  🍵 148,

Red tea full of fire and heat. Calm, distinct taste, for many pickles, traces of wood and ripe fruit.


Yunnan Ye Sheng Hong Cha 🍵 178,-

Red tea from wild growing tea trees. Ask about the current offer.


For the complete offer of pu-erh, ask the tea staff for a „Pu-erh menu“.


Sheng Green (also raw) pu-erh 🍵 is tea processed hundreds of years old processing method, where the tea matures for decades. The infusion is softer, richer in taste and close to green tea.

Shu (also cooked) pu-erh 🍵 is a tea whose ripening is accelerated by placing the tea in a very warm and humid environment, where its accelerated and intensive fermentation takes place. The resulting tea is usually dark, strongly earthy and very slightly bitter. The better varieties abound in a red-brown pickle with a creamy accent in taste.


Gyokuro Uji 🍵 178,-

Tea tree bushes are covered before picking to increase the chlorophyll content of the leaves. This gives this tea an unmistakable taste, strength and lightness. On request, we can also prepare it using the traditional method, giving a small amount of thick, oily liquid with a sweet taste and a very long aftertaste full of subtle astringency.


Sencha Uji 🍵 158,-
Pleasant Sencha, a flat, narrower, dark green leaf with a small proportion of leaf stems gives an aromatic infusion of a slightly sweet taste with little astringency. Tea suitable for all-day sipping, quite invigorating.


Kamairi Tamaryokucha 🍵 158,- 

Japanese tea in which the oxidation of the leaf is stopped by dry heat. A small regular leaf, embraces a complex flavor

West of Tibet


Rize Stream 128,-

Turkey’s national drink — tea grown on the slopes of the Kačkar Mountains, prepared by a unique method involving light roasting and boiling. It gives an exceptionally strong infusion of a clear red color. It is usually drunk with sugar.


Georgia „9 mountains“ 128,-

Georgian black tea, grown by Mr. Gurule’s family from self-planted tea bushes, grown from seeds. The taste is pleasantly sweet and sour, reminiscent of autumn plums. A rustic, carefully crafted leaf.


„Tuareg“ 138,-

Refreshing green tea with Moroccan mint, popular among the Bedouins of North Africa. It is usually drunk sweetened.